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New York! Come join us at The Shop @ The Standard, High Line on May 15th to celebrate the release of The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame!

Gengoroh Tagame will be there in person signing books alongside Chip Kidd. This is Tagame’s first public appearance in the United States, so don’t miss it! RSVP to

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    He is signing copies in NY this wednesday. FML I live in NYC but this is like seriously far from me.
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    Ahhh why is it the same week as my graduation/commencement show! Man I— Tagame and Chip Kidd I’d diee alksjdf PK…. PK...
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    Holy crap awesome! This is two days before my commencement I hope I can make it! Will you be there, Graham?
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    I hope to see you there!
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